About me: a scientist by my studies and work, I like to express myself through art. I started putting down ideas on paper back in 2000, about short stories, posters, and objects. I consider art as a form of expression, and a very good way to go further into one’s knowledge of themselves.
In our times where we have reached the tip of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, most people are in a state where they need to find self-actualisation. Sadly our societies do not offer much to help them with their fulfilment, apart from the TV or the Playstation.

About this web site: my own way of finding personal growth is through creation. It can mean working on something closely related to my work, through research, or something completely different.
The parts of my creative process presented here are those that I consider to be ‘artistic’. They are illustrated by different media of expression: photography, sculpture, video, texts,…
I tend to like art when it ‘speaks’ to me, whether this will be through a political message, such as satire, or through more simple feelings, such as something which will make me laugh, please my eye, make me think. Ideally I would love to produce works that encompass all of that at the same time. I am not at this level yet, however I hope to progress through it.

Regarding copyrights: I am not a professional photographer, however that does not mean I will let anyone plunder my pictures and other works for commercial works. So please feel free to message me if you are interested in using something.

In general I feel that amateurs should not be competitors with professionals, especially in the current economic situation. If you need pictures for your website, or publication, you should go to the people that live from those.

Thank you.