eThugs vs Little Red Riding Hood

So that is it, it is horrible, they cannot resist, they are after her. She is the monster. They have seen nothing that pervert before, they want her head, on a plate, right now.

Who are they? The e-thugs. Who is she? For those who have not read about it, that “teenager with the red pull-over” who was filmed throwing puppies into a river, while joking about it.

Now let us analyze things rather than having our brain tell us “puppies are cute, they are innocent since they are so young, she is killing them with a smile, hence she is the devil and should be tar and feathered, at the very least.

Sure enough, filming yourself while drowning new born dogs is certainly not the cleverest thing around. Sure enough, smiling and joking as you do so is not really something that will make me want to classify you as amazingly intelligent and with deep feelings. After all, cruelty against animal is probably one of the early signs of barbarism. Though you probably do not want to imagine your cat playing with a mouse when he is purring in your arms… you might be wondering what he would do if he was lightly larger than you are.

But then, why is everybody after this girl? Is what she is doing (drowning newly born dogs), something that nobody else is doing? Well guess what? Drowning baby cats and dogs, in rural areas, is one of the most common things. Why is that? Because in rural areas, cats and dogs are not pets, they are domestic animals. They are here for a purpose. Either for hunting, shepherding, or guarding in the case of dogs, pests eating in the case of cats. Nope, they are not here for cuddling and being cute. As a result, when they become too numerous (ie, when unwanted kittens or puppies are born) they are killed. Sure enough, drowning is not really a very nice way to do it, but it is probably the most common, as it is fast for the operator. Usually that involves putting the animals in a large bag, and to the water. Breaking their neck would probably be faster for them to die, or using ether, however it is not really an uncommon sight to spot a floating cloth bag on a small river in the country side in spring… guess what? They do not contain potatoes.

Now of course the good-thinkers will tell you that if they do not want the babies, they could just go ahead and neuter the animals. What happens when you neuter a cat or a dog? In general they become lazy, aka they do not fulfill the tasks they are kept for anymore, hence making them useless to the farmers. And most of them are just running around all day long, so controlling them is really not possible… how about running after a cat all night long and telling it to use condoms?

How about giving out the animals to a shelter then? Well guess what happens to the animals that are given to shelters after a couple of months of being there with no one to take them back home? They are killed. Sure enough, the vet doing it is not filming himself and might not be cracking jokes about it. If he is helped by a nurse she might not be giggling if he is pinching her butt either. But the result is the same: the animals are dead after a couple of months. And something else to think about… animal shelters are not something you might find in all the rural areas over the world.