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Non Quod Erat Demonstrandum


As a scientist (or anyone who is considered to be an expert) I need to check that my sources of information are correct and accurate. Being precise is the most important element in science: no matter how spectacular your results are, if you cannot demonstrate them, they are useless. But recently I have realized there […]

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Going back to 1984


Movies often deal with “epic” stories of friendship, compassion, and long existing traditions that aim at putting back trust in mankind in our hearts as we are watching them. Quite often the scenarios are based on true facts, albeit romance is being used to make almost insignificant facts shine in golden Hollywood glory (a good

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I like real people


Everybody in the modern world has been following the story of the Chilean miners who were stuck in a 100-years old totally unsafe copper mine for a couple of months. I was initially bored by the initial reports, as all of a sudden these miners were everywhere as if there were only thirty-three miners on

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I would like to be green


Yes I do. I would like to drive a car that is non-polluting (if I actually did drive), I would like to live in a house that uses half the energy it currently does and still be as functional. My green readers would reply “but well, my dear sir, it is possible!”, with a list

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